The  OKHF GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN AWARDS isvcordially invited everyone to their Annual Thanksgiving Events. This year, they have decided to begin with the OKHF GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN AWARDS, which serves as a recap, acknowledging the strides that the OKHF has made in the last 10 years.
It also recognizes Top Corporate and Charity Executives, Businesses and Individuals who have supported their  cause and other humanitarian causes over the years; an induction ceremony entering them into the OKHF Hall of Fame.
Additionally, the program solidifies with an address from a featured guest speaker who challenges and inspires entrepreneurs and professionals on innovational techniques in the non-profit business. Time to connect with Top Corporate and Charity CEOs! The convention ends with their signature event, THE BLACK AND WHITE PARTY. For all those who have attended this party in the past, you definitely know what you get. This year is special: NO FUNDRAISING! NO SPEECHES! ONLY JOLI….JOLI….. JOLI. Remain connected!

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