Syndy Emade lavish her love to her unborn baby. This where her words and pic of the baby bump

This where the words from a mom @Syndy Emade to her unborn child as she pours the baby with lot of loves. Those are her words below

     "Dear baby,I know you are few months away but I just can't wait to meet you.Feeling you roll & play in there,I can't believe how fast time flies.I listen to all your movements getting to know you already each day.I can't wait to hold you skin to skin,heart to heart and for daddy and I to tell you "We love you".We have prayed for you,hoped for you and dreamed of you😇. Thanks for letting me carry on with work like the days I had to tuck you in just to finish shooting onset.You have made me glow and given me strength like never before.
I can't wait to nurture you,instill good,great and Godly values and shower you with so much love ❤️
Xoxo ur moma to be👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧
 Nji Asonganyi
Era Era
Manyitabot Rachel Ayamba
   Credit to Syndy Emade