ALE MYZ tells the life story of a teenager who had a bad experience from her Uncle who got her pregnant and had to do away with it

    Once upon a time leaves a young girl as  it goes... ALE MYZ flows smoothly on this beats with this sweet sensation "MY STORY" as she  tells the story of this teenage girl who was molested by her uncle at her very young age up to an extent of putting her in a motherly form
From this story it shows the girl from her past experience did not wanna have anything to do with a any man as it kept people talking about her altitude little did they know what she had been through. Though she finally accepted to get married to this Jentle guy 
       ALE MYZ did her best to come  up with this master piece as she features public faces like #Lenora Tee and #CrystalBih of @CrystalBeautyShow as they play their roles perfectly
Produced by :The GaĆ«lo  Outcome and directed by #Tembi Muna as they put in their best. #CrystalBeautyShow