The big boy has again served just like he always does 100% quality music nice sound good lyrics fully dope concept mbaze ki ndeke ki just like he once promised, Kelon G Omukyamu shall never disappoint. When you try to think nigga is done he bounces back with hot vibes that always make you listen to while shaking aliko sometimes scream high above your normal voices just like I did when I first listened to RUN AWAY. RUN AWAY is a single off the album TUKUGENDA MUMAISO which is very soon getting online for downloads at an affordable price all you got to do is to sit back relax and when it comes to good music, I promise you Kelon G Omukyamu will always have you served to satisfaction, yes, he is talented like no one else from the land I call him "Entale ya Bunyoro" cos he is, and if you think otherwise make it a point and listen to this tune niiwe aranyumiza abandi. Just click on >>>> <<<<< and vibe on with latest most promising tune of this season.   Entale ya Bun