Jovi's art work $CASH $ finally hit 1million views on YouTube

Finally Finally Finally
    Jovi Lemonstre the co-founder CEO of NewbellMusic  sound "$CASH$" has finally reached 1million  views after four years of it's  release  . Keep watching
This  song was released on the 11th  of  September  2014 produce by #Jovi  and Directed by Ndukong 
Finally his fans can clap at any one who comes in battle with them.. Jovi who has been an inspirational leader in the Cameroonian music industry with a unique and unbeatable way of doing his things has released many other songs after this which he recently serve his fans with Depanner whose video was appropriated by his fans after he hasn't been giving them the best of video 
Do you guys think this could be a new  step up of his career??