Karen Village, Home of CNN’s Ocean Sole welcomes Art Noise Kenyan Residents

Karen Village, home of CNN Africa’s Ocean sole welcomes Art Noise Nigeria to ensure that its art residents experience a complete and authentic Kenyan & African Art, Culture and Heritage experience similar to one it has given to CNN’s Ocean’s Sole. 
In 2017, CNN brought into media focusa Kenyan Artist collective which was putting its creativity into use and tackling a serious an environmental concern by converting discarded rubber slippers choking the ocean into colorful rubber sculptures and toys. 
Since then, Ocean Sole has not only reached international heights and garnered additional media coverage on different platforms, but has found a home for its creativity in Kenya, at Karen Village, a sprawling art community with over 30 studios in Nairobi Kenya, an art community that has also welcomed other organizations creating social change, innovation, education and creativity such as Art Noise Nigeria, an arts platform promoting cross cultural education and African Artists and Akili DadaOrganization an NGO focused on improving the welfare of brilliant young girls. 
Karen Village has all the facilities to carter to and promote any artist residency or experience. It provides accommodations, studios, restaurants, exhibition space and most importantly an environment where its inhabitants can learn and commune with other like-minded creatives. 
Which is where Art Noise Nigeria, an African Arts platform which fosters young Artists growth and education in its quest for cross cultural learning has found itself. 

In June 2018, Karen Village welcomed its first Art resident with Art Noise Nigeria in the form of Anaka, an LA based Black Artist who has shot stars like Kendrick Lamar, Oshun and Demi Lovato and has spent the last few years traveling across Africa making Artkives, a collection of photos of African communities and arts. 
With Karen Village’s guidance, Art Noise’s Anaka is making a collaborative project with not only Ocean Sole, but different traditional and contemporary creative energies in Kenya. 
Karen Village welcomes other creatives within Kenya and outside to Nairobi to find a home at its compound. 

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