How to have a Successful Gap year

A gap year is typically an academic year taken by a student as a break between school and university or college education.
And while many students including Malia Obama may choose to take a gap year, the reasons are often varying. Here are a few reasons why students may choose to take a gap year.
1.       Sometimes students leaving High school are unsure of the next step to take and might need some free time to think about their next step.
2.       In countries or situations where financial aid is not available, some students may be unable to fun their further education and may need time to get financial aids to do so
3.       Some students may find that the current educational facilities available to them are inadequate and may need time to find better alternatives.
4.       Some students may also fail to meet admission quota and may need to redo their exams
5.       Sometimes severe injury or pregnancy or other health complications may force students to seek a gap year.

Whatever the reason for students choosing a gay year, it is very important that such a crucial part of youth isn’t waited, so how can students make meaningful use of their gap year in 2018.

     1. Art Noise Travel Residency: In 2018, Art Noise is offering a travel residency program for Visual artists, designers and Art Theorist students across all levels who want to travel  and create for a period of 3 months.
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      2.       Internship: Students who have a gap year may also take the opportunity to intern in various companies across the world.
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    3. NGO: Students who have a gap year may also use the period to volunteer in various organizations across the world.
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 4.       Independent Courses: Students with a gap year may also choose to take various independent online courses which might turn out useful to their careers in the long run.
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      5.       Travel: There are many educational travel opportunities students who have a gap year can find very useful  to gain meaningful experience.
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With that, enjoy your gap year!