New Music Duo: B-1, Alexis E, become B*BOYZ

B-1 AND Alexis E are two talented Cameroonian artists in the diaspora who are always known to be in the news. This is either because of frequent releases or crowd pulling public performances or better still because of their creativity in terms of initiating projects. The Maryland-based Cameroonian singers who hail from the Bakossi tribe in the southwest region of the country have always had one herculean mission-taking Bakossi to the world stage. That has been eminent in their music and both artists have overtly said so at every given occasion. It is probably in a bid to turn this dream into a reality that B-1 and Alexis E have proceeded to initiate what they hope Is going to be the biggest success story as far as promoting Bakossi is concerned. The said project, B*BOYZ (Bakossi Boyz), just made public, is that result which the singers had hoped for since they decided to bring Bakossi to the limelight as far as music is concerned. Soon after B BOYZ was announced, Crystal Beauty caught up with the young singers to find out what exactly this project was all about and began by asking them when the group was created.

B-1:     We had the idea a long time ago, but we were waiting for the right time to let it into effect. So we finally decided to let the ball roll last month (August 2015)

Crystal Beauty:  Do you guys have a new manager? If so who?

Alexis E:  B*B0YZ manages themselves but are open to anyone who wishes to manage us

Crystal Beauty:  Does it mean you guys are not going to be doing music as individuals?
B-1:     We can always do individual songs. It all depends on us. For example, Alexis E has an entire album just like I do. That wont affect us from being BBOYZ. We will work together as brothers from same origin, stay focus and do our best to satisfy or fans

Crystal Beauty:  Who writes your songs?

Alexis E:  We write our songs together just like we did with the song “Les Lion Sont Fort”

Crystal Beauty:  What should we be expecting from you both?

B-1:     We are working on a lot of new songs and will definitely release two of the songs on the day of our official launch, which would be in December 2015. We are still working on the date and location.

Crystal Beauty:  When are we going to have your first project?

Alexis E:        Our first project is actually going to be released during our official launching of our group BBOYZ December 2015. One of the songs is titles “NA U DO AM 4 WE PAPA GOD”

Crystal Beauty:  Who is your producer?

B-1:     We produce ourselves in the sense that we pay for all our songs to be produced but our main producer in the sense of sound engineer is Pastor George Okudi from Uganda, a two time Kora award winner

Crystal Beauty:    Thank you both for your time. Godluck with everything

B-1 and Alexis E: Thank you Crystal