Breaking News: Ethiopian Airlines has created more than 46 new jobs in Cameroon

Ethiopian Airlines has again proven that it is the only Pan African airlines in Africa. More than 46 new cabin crews have been recruited from Cameroon to serve the airlines. After a very challenging recruitment process, the awards winning airlines announced on its website the names of 46 new trainee cabin crews.

As an employer who promotes equal opportunity, ET is proud to recruit staff from different parts of Africa.  As an airline who does not discriminate, offering such opportunities will make the airlines one of the very few to employ irrespective of nationality. ET has also announced the launch of its latest route to Cameroon: Yaounde, so there is no doubt that this will create more jobs opportunities for both airport and office staff. 

In July 2015, Ethiopian launched a job opportunity for Trainee Cabin crews. According to the job description, Cabin crew were to perform duty under the direct supervision and direction of the Cabin Supervisor and Senior Cabin Crew. Ensure that cabin safety and security is in accordance to Ethiopian Policy and standard and other regulatory requirements. Provide optimum comfort and service to passengers with courtesy, efficiency, thoughtfulness and ready assistance in conformity with the Ethiopian Airlines standards.

After Ethiopian announced its need for new workers, more than 1500 applicants dropped their CVs at their head office in Douala. It was truly competitive as most of the applicants met the desired criteria.

A big congratulation to all team members who took part in the screening from
Start to end. And every trainee that made it on this list. In the link below are the names of everyone who made it and their various post.