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How the Social Media Destroys You

Are you depressed by social media? Do you ever watch peoples posts, comments, pictures and get jealous by them? Do you feel that you are not good enough compared to your peers on social media? well "Social media induced depression is REAL. " Says Vlogger Carista La Belle.

Please watch this video to learn about her experience and how to handle Social Media Depression.

Please do not be selfish and share. Knowledge is power. This might help someone.

New Single: DJ Neptune Ft. Mr Eazi - Mia Mia

Super star DJ Neptune wraps up the year with a new single #MiaMiafeaturing Nigerian's artiste. Mr Eazi with appearance from Angola's A list artist, C4 Pedro#MiaMia was produced by Simba Tagz from Zambia and this track will definitely get you on your feet.

Get a copy here

New Video:Prince P- Nyango.

Cameroonian USA based up and coming artist Prince P drops another music video titled "Nyango"
"Nyango was inspired by a situation that happened in my personal life" Prince P said. "Music has a way of healing and I hope that those who listen" to this song would be able to relate to it." he continued. Prince P has released other songs like Melanie ft Ecozeal, Rythm ft Khiry Mangan, and Give me.
He has also been nominated for the UOLLYWOOD Awards for Best New Artist and best music video forhis song Give me and Rythm respectively. I hope you enjoy this new piece

Please watch, Share, and your feedback would be appreciated. Thank you

Here is the YouTube link to the video


Calabash Music has released the visuals of the song BETTER by Wax Dey ft Mr Leo . This is the first single from a new album "Final Light" that will be released this October in Cameroon by the AFRIMA- award winning singer. The inspirational urban song is not just a collaboration of Cameroonian artists - it also represents a collaboration with Cameoron's film industry as the music video features award-winning Actors, Chifor Valery and Onyama Laura. The video is directed and shot in Limbe and Buea by Mr. Adrenaline. 

​Tzy Panchak - Ngueme (Official video)

Blunation Recordings presents Tzy Panchak in new video titled  Ngueme. Engineered by Slimbeatz and directed by AdrenalineNgueme means poverty in pidgin English. The audio released a while ago, was well received by fans worldwide and due to populardemand, Blunation releases the video. Following his career trend consistency is explicitly the watch word for Tzy Panchak.
Ngueme recounts the daily struggles of an average Cameroonian trying to breakthrough and be successful. Do we have to give in to these struggles?
"If we are not given the opportunities we seek, why not try to create them ourselves. We have the potential to do whatsoever we want. Ngueme is a wake-up call to us all" says Tzy Panchak
Watch, enjoy without moderation and do not forget to comment and share...

Don’t date an alpha female who travels

Don’t date an alpha female who travels, unless you are a guy who can inspire her to dream big and wander with her. She knows she is destined for greatness and she won’t tone it down if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Let her have her own vision and aspirations. Don’t try to make her change her ways. She won’t follow you. But she won’t lead or try to control you either. She will expect you to do great things with her while traveling and sharing experiences.

An alpha woman who travels won’t chill with you on a beach. She is always working on something important and she wants a partner who understands and supports that. Lying on a beach and doing nothing for hours can ruin her mood as she won’t feel like spending her time in a meaningful way. She can relate to Elon Musk on that one – “The idea of lying on a beach as my main thing just sounds like the worst. It sounds horrible to me. I would go bonkers. I would have to be on serious drugs. I’d be super-duper bored. I like high intensity.”

She seeks a different kind of strong. Paying for dinner, helping her with her heavy suitcase, buying her presents is flattering. A true alpha will appreciate and let you do all these gestures for her but her expectations of you as her man will be set way higher. She will expect you to be her mentor, coach, pusher, be there for her in her struggle, help her with her business, believe in her when she doesn’t, comfort her when she needs to cry.

She burns, burns, burns and you better cancel that date if you’re bored or boring. Or as Matthew Hussey puts it, you have to know how to give great brainal – “the act of penetrating deep subjects of intellectual curiosity with a partner resulting in mental stimulation, and often, physical emotional attraction.” She will listen and try to connect with everything you say, even if she doesn’t agree with you. If there is no passion in you she will sense it and lose interest in seeing you again.

You won’t be able to figure her out. There is no stereotype or check box that can define her. She is tough on the inside but hot and feminine on the outside. She might wear a backless tight dress and become the center of attention at a fancy cocktail and then switch personalities, slipping into a baggy T-shirt and jeans to hitchhike across countries. An alpha female who travels doesn’t follow trends or social rules. She doesn’t need to “get a stable job, get married, get a mortgage, have kids, be a good mom and take care of the home” to feel like a fulfilled woman.
It will be impossible to make her jealous. Tell her that you are crashing a bachelorette party and she will hug you and wish you to have fun. Not being jealous might make you question if she likes you enough. She probably does. But she also knows that hanging out with other women will make you appreciate her more. And since she travels, she is not the type to get attached. If you meet someone else then she will let go and move on. She has plenty of options texting her from around the world anyway.

She is too much. Too smart, too independent, too giving, too well-traveled, too loving, too passionate, too ambitious, too curious, too funny, too spontaneous, too mad to live. At least this is what most average guys will see in her.

She will ruin you. Dating an alpha woman who travels will fill your life with adventure. Skinny dipping in natural pools, skydiving, getting a tattoo, booking a trip to North Korea, turning a Netflix & chill evening into a cake fight, climbing mountains, going on a safari. You won’t impress her by taking her out on Friday night, although she won’t mind if you do. But she appreciates creativity. Her influence can make you quit jobs and move to a different country. Her way of living life might give you a heart attack at times. But it will be the best heart attack you’ll ever have.

Don’t date an alpha female who travels because she belongs to the world. Belong to the world with her or admire her from a distance.

Great Nomad

Tzy Panchak spends a day with Orphans of Good Sheperd home Bamenda

 Douala, Cameroon, June 11, 2017–  Tzy Panchak got to spend a day with Kids of the Good Shepherd Home, Bamenda powered by Na Wetti group. Na Wetti Non-governmental organization is a Community of Business People and Humanitarian Partnerships encouraging Economic Growth and Social Coherence. As well as bringing relieve everywhere and assistance to humanity through mutual beneficial inputs. Looking good and blessing an orphan  was the theme of the event which took place on Saturday June 10th 2017 at Executive Garden Restaurant Commercial Avenue, Bamenda.  The event kicked off early evening with prayers and wonderful performances from the kids of Good Sherperd Home, Bamenda after a caravan with Tzy Panchak round Bamenda earlier that day. After which came a fashion showcase and musical performances from Richard Kinds, Zita, Leonette and many others. It was a colorful and fun filled event which brought laughter and smiles to the kids faces. Proceeds made from the event will go to aid the kids of Good Sherperd Home. All began well and ended well.

The kids were happy and excited to meet and interact with Tzy Panchak, whom they love and look up too. Tzy empowered them through good music and encouraging words. The event was attended by the crème de la crème in Bamenda who all loved and appreciated Tzy’s music. "No matter how busy I may be, when it comes to orphans and the less privileged (Under Rain or any weather) call me i go come. I has fun with  the talented kids of Good Sherperd Orphanage home" says TZY PANCHAK

Ramadan at Pullman Douala Rabingha

One of the highlights of Ramadan is the daily breaking the fast. Why not break it in a comfortable environment with friends and family? Pullman Douala Rabingha is accompanying the muslim community during the ramadan fasting period everyday especially on the weekends. Being an expert in people services, Pullman Douala Rabingha understands the importance of culture and especially religion in the lifestyle of a community. This is why we extend an open invitation the muslim community  to visit our hotel and enjoy a 10% discount off all meals at dinner time. In line with this, Chef Rose of Pullman Douala Rabingha shared a special menu for the muslim community during this fasting period.
Enjoy muslim inspired cuisine as you to break your fast everyday at Pullman Douala Rabingha.
 This is what’s on the menu for 13000 FCFA per person (10% off)
Soups : Algerian Chorba, Moroccan Haribo
Barbecue : Poultry, Beef and Fish Brochette
Different types of  bread, jam, honey, a wide variety of flavored yogurts, watermelon and pineapple natural juice, oriental cow milk cream, hot drinks (coffee, milk, tea etc), dates and many other delicacies to indulge you as you break your fast.
Join us with your family and friends at Pullman Douala Rabingha as you  break your fast in the comfort of our hotel restaurant overlooking the breathtaking pool and garden view.


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